Tone your core and reduce your waist size without the dreaded sit up!  Learn the very latest development in abdominal restoration and core training. Hypopressive (low pressure) exercise is a clinically proven way to train the deep abdominal muscles safely and effectively.  Once trained, the muscles work continuously, so the abdominals, pelvic floor, diaphragm and supporting muscles  to work in harmony as a core unit to keep you healthy, protect you from injury and reduce waist size.   These low impact breathing and postural exercises are suitable for everyone,  but especially women who have had children at any stage in their lives.






HYPO-FIT -  private hypopressive therapy sessions


Exercises to repair and reduce Diastasis Recti following childbirth and prevent or relieve Pelvic Organ Prolapse or stress incontinence


£40 per hour or Lower the cost with a block of 4 sessions for £100


Why you should do Hypo-Fit therapy!


  • Recently given birth?  Want your tummy back to normal after having your baby, this is for you. Safest and fastest way to reduce your waist and get your core and abs toned again.  Especially helpful for women who developed diastasis - these excercises help to repair and heal this quickly.

  • Had several children in your life?  This weakens the pelvic floor and can lead to urinary leakage or organ prolapse later in life - Hypopressive excercises will prevent this happening to you.

  • Pee when you cough, run, or during training?  It's not normal you don't have to put up with it - often the first sign of a weak pelvic floor.  Repair and strengthen it fast with hypopressives -so you can avoid complications like hernia or organ prolapse and train more effectively.

  • Constantly suffer with back ache?  Don't suffer it.   Incorrect posture and spinal alignment together with lack of abdominal tone and strength can be causing or contributiing to it. Hypopressives can get to the the deep muscles within your core and make them strong again to give you the support needed to improve your posture and ease those aches and pains.

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