Breathe your way to health 


Whether you are doing Pilates or Yoga, when you harness the power of breathing with movement the body responds in the most amazing way to promote healing of the mind and the body.   This is something I have experienced for myself and has led me to now become a teacher of Pilates, Yoga and Hypopressive therapy all of which are centred on combining breath and movement in a positive healing way.   No matter what stage in life you have reached it pays health dividends to have a little bit of Pilates or Yoga  in your life.  After all health is the real wealth. Maintaining your fitness and well-being while resisting the effects of aging and stress from our daily lives is vital.   

PILATES - Training your core - the centre of it all

Every simple movement as well as the way you hold yourself depends on your group of core postural muscles  At the core of good posture are strong abdominal and upper and lower back muscles. These are the target areas of a Pilates which aims to improve your core foundation.  Correcting weakness in your core foundation can improve your muscle tone and spinal alignment and lead to a reduction in back or joint pain.   It can also improve your mood.  When we feel low we slouch, and conversely improving posture with Pilates can make you feel taller and stronger, leading to a better mood  providing an improved sense of well-being.

YOGA - Respect the Old


Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years - long before today's science has shown its awesome benefits for the health of the mind and the body.   In nature what is free and flowing is destined to grow and thrive, whereas what is rigid or blocked will tend to wither or break.  The combination of breath and movement in Yoga encourages the mind to relax and the body to de-stress to achieve a combination of strength and flexibility that is key to good health and physical performance.


HYPOPRESSIVES - Embrace the New


The very latest, clinically proven, low impact breathing and postural exercises to train the deep abdominal muscles safely and effectively.  Once trained, the muscles work continuously, so the abdominals, pelvic floor, diaphragm and supporting muscles  to work in harmony as a core unit to keep you healthy, protect you from injury and reduce waist size.   




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