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Caitlin Wood, Pregnancy Yoga

"When i found out I was pregnant I knew straight away I wanted it all to be as natural and peaceful as possible. I joined Gloria's yoga course hoping she could help me achieve that and she did. Through many techniques such as walking and breathing. I used these whilst contracting at home and had a 4 hour almost pain free labour. My son came out calm and happy and luckily has been ever since. 

Gloria also started a private chat group for us mummies to communicate and ask questions and advice from one another; this was great support before, during and now after, my beautiful son has been born;  We are all great friends and regularly meet for coffee or dinner.

Gloria is so supportive, knowledgeable and helpful . Id recommend this class to any expectant mother and Toby and I can't wait to join her mumma and bubba class "


Debbie Watkins, Hatha Flow Yoga & Private Lessons

"My Yoga sessions with Gloria have been life-changing. Her gentle approach to safely stretching and learning how to breathe in a better way have had such positive benefits to my long term back pain. She offers group classes and 1:1 and there are classes being regularly run all over Basingstoke. What could be better?"


Leonna Salmon, Pregnancy Yoga

"Initially I joined pregnancy yoga with Gloria as I thought It would be good exercise throughout pregnancy and help me meet other mothers going through the same thing as me. What I actually got was so much more, I believe pregnancy yoga made my 3rd trimester go very smooth. All of the exercises Gloria showed me prepared my womb for labour and my baby was in the right position and engaged by 30 weeks. I can also say that childbirth for me was a dream, the breathing techniques and preparation meant everything went as planned. I was very lucky to have met some amazing people and experience Pregnancy yoga with Gloria."


Claire Hastings, Hatha Flow Yoga

"My favourite yoga class so far tonight. Thank you soooo much. Very chilled I think it was the images of soaring to my favourite place. "

Next day - "My knees feel awesome today. I've just walked totally facing forwards downstairs with no angst for the first time in absolutely ages (and that's despite the pain in every other single bit of my body due to functional training) #miracleworker."


Nathalie Cuzner (Enco Dance), Hatha Flow Yoga

"Gloria's yoga classes are fantastic. Individual attention, expert knowledge and a beautiful energy all make for a wonderful class & excellent instructor."


Yvette Anothony, Pregnancy Yoga

"Gloria's Pregnancy Yoga Classes are superb. From the safe, gentle stretches through to the breathing techniques for labour and ending up at the most amazing relaxation at the end of class, it's safe to say these classes were the highlight of my week!"


Danni Morgan, Hatha Flow Yoga

"For me Yoga with Gloria has literally been a life changing experience that has opened new doors in all aspects of my life physically, spiritually and emotionally. The way in which Gloria teaches is so intuitive to each person creating a beautiful safe space in which to challenge yourself and set your own goals whilst understanding your body, mind and centres and focuses you. Gloria is an absolute inspiration to learn from whatever level you are at. Yoga with Gloria has helped me tone, lose weight and become well mentally and physically in a way I never expected. Thank you Gloria x"


Kirsty Heywood, Pregnancy Yoga

"I had never tried yoga before but when pregnant with child number 3 I really wish I had found Gloria earlier. The visualisation and breathing techniques were so useful I'm still using them after baby has arrived. I always felt totally relaxed by the end and gained the best group of mummy friends as a bonus. I cannot recommend Gloria highly enough."


Lisa Pearce, Hatha Flow Yoga

"I started yoga with Gloria when she first started teaching at studio 41. I'd previously had a few dabbles with yoga in the past but it never stuck with me. I didn't know if it would this time but wow! I can't believe how much I love it! I had a series of unbroken attendance and so loved it! It is a great accompaniment to follow a busy functional class but most importantly it's my chance for some proper quality relaxation, stretching, meditation taught beautifully, with knowledge and focus on the individual and where they are on their yoga journey. Gloria is so passionate towards yoga and this really comes across in her teaching and this is something her yogis benefit from. I love Gloria's spirituality and peace too and can't wait to go back."


Vikki Hallett, Pregnancy Yoga

"I had never done yoga before but gave pregnancy yoga with Gloria a go, and I was so glad I did. The sessions taught me to relax (something that doesn't come naturally to a lot of us), breathing techniques and exercises that I could easily do at home. The sessions also introduced me to some amazing mummies, who have become wonderful friends. Thank you Gloria,Love Vicky and Emily. Xx "


Annie Wright, Hatha Flow Yoga

"I have attended 2 workshops so far,and am really looking forward to more yoga classes in the future. I have been practising yoga at home for years, Ihave attended a few classes elsewhere. I already understand more about the process of why breathing is so important. I really like the way Gloria teaches,her indepth knowledge of the body and how it responds to movement ,broken down in such fine detail. I really enjoy the atmosphere and the guidance of these lessons. I have been letting people know about these classes and encouraging them to join too."


"Damien Rochford, Hatha Flow Yoga

"One motivation for me to take up an evening class of ‘Yoga with Gloria’, here at the Lady Rose Hall here in Laverstoke recently, was a desire to try anything that would help remedy my annoyingly recurrent, and persistent ‘bad back’ pain.  The final decision though to actually attend these Monday evening one and a half hour sessions was kindly and sympathetically made for me by my lovely wife Fiona. She had booked and paid for the 8 week course as her Xmas present to me, and she was going to make sure I went!


My expectations at first I must admit were fairly low, ‘better than going to the doctors’ – ‘it’ll be worth a try, might do some good’ – ‘no gain without pain’ … I thought. Surprisingly there was little pain and noticeable gain. By taking you ‘back to basics’ Gloria teaches you how to better… Breathe, Sit, Stand, Lie Down, Relax and do nothing at all. The sort of things I thought I was quite good at already! Gloria has a relaxed gentle style with a strong emphasis on breathing (you need to learn!), while moving, stretching and relaxing. This is a proper work out but it doesn’t feel like it, in fact it’s all very enjoyable. Early days still for me but already I feel fitter, stronger, more supple even agile which is hard to believe. I’m really looking forward to booking onto Gloria’s next course maybe you should too."


Kerry G Gascoyne, Hatha Flow Yoga

"Following major surgery I started to attend Gloria's yoga classes and have built up great stability and movement again. The classes are small, intimate, personal and relaxing. I love our relaxation sessions at the end of classes. Yoga is for all and a great addition to my life."


Subhashini Balasingham, Hatha Flow Yoga

"Yoga is an integral part of the Hindu religion. There is a saying:  “There is no Yoga without Hinduism and no Hinduism without Yoga." Yoga is helping direct me towards higher spiritual achievements and it is lovely to have a dear friend teach & guide me! Thank you Gloria! x"


Naomi Neville, Hatha Flow Yoga

"Dear Gloria, Thank you so much for introducing me to your world of yoga. You are an inspirational teacher who ably supports those in class needing extra encouragement while helping others to challenge themselves. I have found your Sunday morning sessions relaxing, rejuvenating and rewarding. A valuable space in which I can find peace in the middle of busy life, but with all the physical benefits of a toning class.

I would recommend your class to anyone who is looking for physical improvement and awareness together with space to reflect and unwind. Bliss!  Lots of love,  Naomi xx"


Robyn Murphy, Hatha Flow Yoga

"Although I have only been going to Gloria's yoga classes for a couple of months, I have noticed a huge difference already! Having a dance background and no longer being able to do any impact exercises for the past 4 years, I found myself feeling quite down. From the very first email to Gloria explaining my condition with my knee she was extremely supportive and continues to be supportive throughout my weekly lessons. I'm now getting to the point where I'm a lot happier in myself and feeling a lot stronger already. With expert knowledge of yoga and how it physically and mentally affects your body, there is no one that I could possibly recommend more! I leave my lessons with a buzz of energy and always looking forward to my next lesson."


Katy Holland, Pregnancy Yoga

"The pregnancy yoga classes run by the lovely Gloria helped prepare me for labour with the visualisations and breathing techniques taught. The relaxation part of the class always had a few of us snoring! I also made some wonderful friends along the way - so thank you."


Nikki Mitchell, Pregnancy Yoga

I looked forward to Gloria's  pregnancy yoga sessions each week. They were not only good exercise during pregnancy but also very relaxing. They also provided me with a group of mummy friends who I still chat to every day a year on! 

Thank you Gloria!


Honey Waspe, Pregnancy Yoga

"I hadn't done yoga before my pregnancy, but very glad I did. Gloria made me and bump feel very welcome and comfortable in classes. Both the stretches and relaxation really helped with all the pregnancy aches and pains and I always finished the class happy and relaxed. I often used many of the stretches at home too which was a real life saver. I would recommend Gloria's pregnancy yoga classes to every expectant mum, if I have another baby I will definitely be going back."





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