HYPO-FIT  Workshop              Saturday 10th Oct 2015   2-4pm         £25 per person



Lady Rose Hall, Laverstoke Lane, nr Whitchurch/Overton, Hants RG28 7NY



             Want to lose inches from your waist? 


             Want to re-shape your abdominals?


             Want to restore you tummy after childbirth?


             Want to strengthen your pelvic floor to avoid uninary
             leakage or organ prolapse?


             Want to realign the spine and relieve back ache?


             Want to improve your sex drive?


Reserve your place now contact yogawithgloria@gmail.com 
Hypopressive Exercise – re-shape your abs & core

Learn the latest techniques for deep abdominal & core training 

  • Re-shape your abdominals

  • Shrink your waist size (3cm a month with regular practice)

  • Strengthen your whole core –a stronger core improves performance
    in any other exercise or sport you do

  • Improve your posture to get rid of back pain

  • Repair & strengthen your pelvic floor muscles – to avoid the development
    f stress incontinence or organ prolapse/hernia development later in life

  • Improve your sex drive

  • Breathe better – feel better


Why you get better results:

Hypopressives engage slow twitch muscles that comprise 75–80% of the core. Sit ups/crunches/kegels work only 3–4%, fast twitch muscles not enough for maximum ab & core strengthening.


Want to do all this without hundreds of abdominal sit-ups or crunches or breaking into a sweat?
Now you can with Hypopressive breathing and postural exercises - the new way to train the deeper abdominal and core muscles safely and effectively.

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